A fully financed scholarship program, the Yale University Scholarship targets primarily international students. The recipients of this grant can pursue undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degrees.

Yale University Scholarship

Yale University Scholarship is one of the many scholarship programs awarded to students pursuing their degree program in the USA. The university remains one of the best institutions that offer an increasing percentage of scholarships to students. Graduate students are open to this opportunity but must apply to their department precisely due to their independent role in determining Graduate funding.

Scholarship Summary

Host Institution: Yale University 

Levels: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral

Type: Fully-funded

Deadline Date: 15th December 2023

Eligibility Requirements for a Scholarship at Yale University

Below are the criteria an applicant must meet to apply for the Yale University Scholarship. They include;

• An individual must receive or is eligible for an ACT or SAT testing fee waiver.

• An individual must be enrolled to participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Launch Program (FRPL).

• An individual must live in a federally subsidized public housing or foster home, or you are homeless.

• An individual’s annual household income must fall under the USDA Nutrition and Food Service’s guidelines for income eligibility.

• An individual must be able to provide a supporting statement from a school official, counsellor, or community leader.

• An applicant needs an IELTS good score of at least seven or above.

• An applicant must be enrolled in a federal, state, or local program that helps students from low-income families.

• An applicant’s family must be receiving public assistance.

• An application needs a good TOEFL score (100 on interest-based, 600 on paper-based and 250 on computer-based).

Sponsorship Coverage

Yale Univeristy Scholarship is awarded to cover the complete financial needs of a student. They consider your parent’s income and finances to determine your scholarship value. Every year, $50,000 to $70,000 is awarded based on scholarship.

Yale University Scholarship Benefits

There are some benefits associated with being awarded the Yale University Scholarship. They include;

• Recipient of this scholarship receives financial assistance to ensure they complete their degree program.

• Recipients are open to enjoying a wide range of degree-awarding programs at the institution.

• Recipients get to receive transport allowances.

• Recipients are provided with cultural exchange opportunities (an individual can freely mix with other students of different cultural heritage).

• A recipient of this scholarship is offered massive exposure to the world.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities 

Yale University is active in offering individuals access to its scholarship programs. Some of the other scholarships which are offered include:

• Yale merit-based scholarship.

• Yale Pell Grants.

• Yale entitlement grants.

• Yale military benefits.

How to Apply for a Scholarship at Yale University

An individual looking to apply for Yale University Scholarship would need to visit the university’s official website. To find out the qualifications for the scholarship, one must go to admissions.yale.edu. Check for requirements for two teacher recommendations, standardized testing results, final report, fee waiver, counsellor recommendation, and a school report.

To apply for the Yale University Scholarship, kindly visit finaid.yale.edu to determine the application process and other information on the scholarship program.

Required Documents

There are certain documents that an individual must present to apply for a scholarship. They include;

• Passport photograph.

• CV/Resume.

• Previous academic records.

• Online application form.

• Valid Visa.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for the Yale University Scholarship is 15th December 2023.

A fully-funded scholarship program called the Yale University Scholarship aims to give overseas students access to education. Nigerian students, as well as students from other nations, are eligible to apply for this award. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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