The University of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarship is a scholarship program awarded to international students from several countries. According to, this scholarship is designed for those students looking to study at the University of Birmingham. 

Global Masters Scholarship

Global Masters Scholarship is a financial support program for international students pursuing their master’s degree at the University of Birmingham. 

Students from selected countries are open to applying for this scholarship as they look to pursue their master’s at the University of Birmingham. They are open to numerous benefits, allowing them access to learning with less financial burden. 

Scholarship Summary

Host Institution: University of Birmingham 

Type: Partly-funded

Field of Study: Masters

Scholarship Value: £2,000

Deadline: 31st August 2023

Qualifications For A Global Masters Scholarship

Below are the eligibility criteria for the Global Masters Scholarship at the University of Birmingham. 

• For the 2023–2024 academic year, a student must have applied for and been admitted to a master’s program at the University of Birmingham. 

• to pay tuition, a person must be classified by the institution as an overseas fee payer.

• A person must be regarded as “domiciled” in one of the chosen nations.

• On a full-time course (offered at the University’s UK site), a person must recommence their studies at the University in September or October 2023.

Eligible Countries

The Global Masters Scholarship offered at the University of Birmingham is open to international students. But it is limited to some countries, including;

• Bangladesh. 

• Egypt.

• Malaysia. 

• Mexico.

• Pakistan. 

• Turkey.

• Vietnam.

• UAE.

• Nigeria.

• India.

One can visit the institution’s official website to determine the eligible countries to apply for this scholarship.


Scholarships are awarded based on eligibility criteria and depending on the application and admission process. The University will do its best to enter the scholarship information into a student’s CAS record for visa application purposes.

This scholarship applies as a discount to tuition fees and is awarded upon the enrolment of a successful candidate in September 2023.

How To Apply

Applicants who meet the requirements are automatically offered the Global Masters Scholarship. To accept the scholarship, one would need to accept the offer of admission from the University’s admission office by the scheduled deadline. One can easily do this by visiting

To secure the scholarship, an individual must pay the standard £2,000 admission deposit by the scheduled deadline set by the admission office in their offer letter.

So as not to miss this scholarship, one needs to deposit before 31st August, 2023.


An individual must apply for their preferred program instantly to hasten their eligibility for the scholarship. Once an offer for admission is made, a candidate must meet the specific deadline, accept the offer and pay a deposit.

Securing the scholarship is essential; doing this requires an unconditional offer and accepting it by 31st August.

You must accept a conditional offer after the deadline to be qualified for the scholarship.

Note that the University of Birmingham reserves the sole right to cease the scholarship offer to new applicants at any time. Visit for more information on the scholarship.

The Global Masters Scholarship at the University of Birmingham is a scholarship program that offers international students a fee reduction benefit for them to study. One can consider this scholarship, but applying for admission before the deadline is important. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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