Montreal University Scholarship is a scholarship program offered at Montreal University to graduate and undergraduate students looking to study for their respective degree programs at the institution. 

Montreal University Scholarship

Montreal University Scholarship is a financial based scholarship awarded to students pursuing their degree programs. According to, this scholarship is mainly an exemption to the extra tuition fees, which burden international students.

Scholarship Summary

The Montreal University Scholarship is designed for different study levels, including Undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD. The scholarship is given to Montreal University students.

Courses offered are not limited, as students can enroll to study any subject offered by the university. The specific deadline for the scholarship program is scheduled from 1st February 2023 till 1st September 2023.

Scholarship Coverage

The Montreal University Scholarship has unique benefits for various degree programs. Below are the scheduled benefits of the Montreal University Scholarship.


One’s academic record’s quality will be considered while determining the scholarship’s value. The result of the analysis is ranked as follows:

Level A: $6,670 per session or $13,340 (2 sessions) 

Level B: $3,178 per session or $6,357 (2 sessions)

Level C $1,111 per session or $2,223 (2 sessions)

This sum is added to the $27,100 annual tuition charge.


There’s a partial exemption scholarship for international students to reduce the tuition fee for their graduate studies. 

$3,140 per session or $9,420 per year (3 sessions)

This specific sum is deducted from the $27,300 annual tuition.


A complete waiver is provided to handle the student’s graduate studies fees. With the help of this exemption bursary, one can pay the same tuition as a graduate student in Quebec.

$7,413 per session or $22,241 per year (3 sessions)

This amount is applied to the tuition fee of $26,562 per year.

Criteria for Scholarship at Montreal University

The Montreal University Scholarship has its eligibility criteria which an applicant must provide to be eligible. These include;

• All of the applicant’s academic pursuits at Montreal University must be full-time.

• An applicant to Montreal University must enrol in a full-time program of study throughout their time there. 

• A candidate cannot receive another policy-based tuition fee exemption.

How to Apply for the Montreal University Scholarship

An individual who intends to study at Montreal University does not necessarily need to apply for a scholarship. They mainly need to apply for admission to look at the university. The steps for requesting a scholarship from Montreal University are listed below.

• Apply For Admission

The first step is to apply for admission to Montreal University. You must ascertain your academic program’s application deadlines and specifications before completing the application form. Visit to apply for entry into the institution. 

• Follow-Up and Receive An Offer of Admission

After submitting your admission application, you will receive an access code to the Student Centre. An individual can periodically monitor their application and receive their acceptance letter through this platform.

• Accept The Offer of Admission

The following step is to accept the admissions offer to Montreal University. Your file will be assessed once you get the offer to determine your eligibility and the exemption scholarship amount that will be given to you.

• Receive Notice of Award and Amount

After you receive the admission offer, Montreal University will email you the scholarship amount to which you are entitled. Make care to print it off and store it safely for future use.

Documents Required

An individual has ten days to receive admission to send the supporting documentation. The necessary documents required include the following;

• Updated CV.

• Endorsement letters.

• Motivation letter.

• Authentic academic transcripts.

• National ID or passport.

The University of Montreal Exemption Scholarship is designed to support international students. It addresses the additional tuition fees that international students are burdened to pay. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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