ASUU Scholarship is a financial support scheme awarded to undergraduate students through the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). 

ASUU Scholarship

ASUU Scholarship is a scholarship that is targeted at recognizing and celebrating hard work and academic excellence. According to, this scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, and other numerous academic purposes.

ASUU has remained a top body handling various affairs related to its member’s welfare about their profession. It is a firm representative of numerous universities and tends to operate in the interest of its members. 

Individuals who reside and study for a degree program can equally apply for this scholarship program. However, one must be mindful of the eligibility criteria and requirements for the scholarship application.

Scholarship Summary

Host Institution: Universities in Nigeria.

Level: Undergraduate. 

Type: Partly-funded.

Deadline: 15th September 2023.

Eligibility Criteria For ASUU Scholarship 2023/2024

There are specific criteria that an individual must fulfil to apply for the ASUU scholarship. They include;

• An applicant must be of indigent status (one must be needy to be considered for this scholarship).

• A student at a university with a well-known ASUU branch is required to apply.

• An applicant must have completed at least their second year or be at a higher level.

• An applicant must maintain an excellent academic performance (a minimum GPA requirement).

• An applicant must not hold or benefit from any other scholarship award.

• An applicant must have attained a minimum of 5 credit passes in their O’Level exams (Mathematics and English are included) in one sitting.

• An applicant strongly commits to leadership, academic excellence, and community service.

Documents Required For ASUU Scholarship

There are some documents which an individual must provide to apply for the ASUU scholarship. They include;

• State of Origin.

• An applicant must present a 2-page application letter.

• A photocopy of the most recent identification card.

• two recent passport photos.

• A letter outlining the candidate’s most recent semester grade point average from their present department chair.

• A copy of the current semester’s registration form.

The above documents must be submitted based on the application for the ASUU Scholarship.

How To Apply For ASUU Scholarship

Applications for the ASUU scholarship are to be conducted offline within an individual’s institution. All eligible and interested parties must submit an application letter of at most two pages containing the above-listed documents required for the scholarship program.

Once all the listed documents are available, one must review the submitted application letter. This application letter is expected to contain an applicant’s name, course, year of study, and state of origin.

One must complete the aforementioned steps before submitting their scholarship application to their institution’s ASUU secretariat.

Scholarship Value

The ASUU Scholarship is estimated to be N100,000. Successful applicants are awarded this amount to use for their study expenses.

Deadline Date

ASUU scholarship management board has announced that the deadline for application for its scholarship is 15th September 2023. It is advised that interested applicant hasten their actions towards submitting their application, including the required documents, on time.  

Please be aware that any branch that does not complete the project by the deadline will not be eligible for the award.

ASUU scholarship is one of the currently available scholarships designed for the needs of students every year. One can keep in touch with the scholarship board and decide when to apply. Kindly visit our comments section for your views and opinions.


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